GenerX Urban Development Corporation is a privately held real estate development company focused on building distinctive places, spaces and communities that help cultivate the aesthetic landscape of the neighbourhoods within which people live, work and play.

Two decades of building environments for families, individuals, companies and institutions has taught us that attention to detail in how people live is the most important element of design.

GenerX integrates this simple philosophy in all its planning, management, development and building ventures. Together with an outstanding compliment of development partners, investors and lenders, GenerX strives to create a bright and prosperous future for all its stakeholders.

GenerX is now focussing its efforts on the Canadian Student Housing Market. Why now? Simply put, demand for purpose-built student housing is growing at a fast pace and shows no sign of easing. That’s because Canada is in the throes of a student housing crisis thanks to factors such as population growth, a difficult job market that’s prompting many graduates to pursue second degrees, and a sharp increase in the number of international students. According to analyst estimates, the country’s post-secondary institutions will play host to more than 1 million students by 2021, but will fall 425,000 beds short of accommodating them. Worse, only 25,000 university beds have been added across the country over the past five years, with 15,000 of them located in Waterloo, Ont. This lack of investment has resulted in huge supply shortages across some of Canada’s fastest-growing campuses.