Student Housing

For decades, moving off-campus meant living in often run-down, sometimes exorbitantly-priced apartments or houses. Students settled for poor housing conditions at high prices because it was seen as a veritable post-secondary rite of passage. Going to college or university meant paying a fortune to live in a dump—simple as that.

We figured it was time for a change, but couldn’t find a better option. That’s when we decided to build them ourselves.

Enter GenerX Urban Development Corporation, a new concept in high quality, affordable, off-campus student living that delivers a great lifestyle experience for students, while offering peace of mind to parents.

Whether developed for GenerX's own account, or sold as condominiums to investors interested in participating in this burgeoning asset class, GenerX combines a high degree of architectural excellence and environmental sensitivity as it works with a team of nationally recognized consultants, contractors and communities to unleash the economic engine of their local universities and colleges for the benefit of all stakeholders.